What is the Family Support Fund?

The Family Support Fund was established by the Chief Commissioner, Neville Tomkins OAM, JP in 2017.

Funding assists current and prospective youth members to afford the cost of Scouting. It helps to offset the costs of Membership fees, uniform requirements, equipment and activity fees for up to 12 months.

100% of funds donated to the Family Support Fund are distributed to successful applicants (apart from any corpus that might be established). Donations over $2 through Scouts NSW are tax-deductible.

Who is eligible for the Family Support Fund?

Grants can be requested for any young person aged 6 – 18 years, or Rovers and Trainee Youth Leaders who aren’t financially independent and who reside in NSW. Funding is limited to those in genuine need of financial assistance.

For more information and to find out if you are eligible to apply, please click here.

Helping families in need

Sometimes families need a little extra support to give their children what they deserve.

Scouts NSW is inclusive, and our principals ensure ALL young people have the opportunity to become a Scout. Our Family Support Fund is the safety net for young people who require funding to afford the Scout Program.

Neville Tomkins, Chief Commissioner of Scouts NSW, said:

“Scouts is a fully inclusive organisation. It aims to provide youth from different backgrounds with lifelong skills from the world-renowned Scout program. Youth and young Leaders from financially disadvantaged backgrounds have a lot to gain from our program. This includes leadership and team building skills, as well as personal confidence, resilience and self-reliance.

To ensure youth from families of financially disadvantaged backgrounds or who are experiencing financial stress can participate fully in Scouting, we have established a Family Support Fund. This Fund will help youth members with the purchase of their Scout uniform, the membership fees, and the cost of outdoor activities such as camping, bushwalking, rock climbing, and adventurous pursuits.

The Family Support fund initiative will help develop young people to be better citizens of the local, national and international communities regardless of their background.”

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