The first time at Scouts. The first hike. The first overnight camp away from home.

All of these moments are great for developing young people’s confidence, but we know how daunting it can be to be the one packing their overnight bag and waving them off at the gates. And we know it doesn’t necessarily get easier as they grow.

Young people thrive in secure surroundings, at home and away.

Wherever we go, we’re serious about keeping them safe.

As a parent or carer, you’re bound to have questions about how we ensure safety in Scouting. Read on to find out more.

Wherever we go and whatever we do, Scouts NSW puts young people’s safety and wellbeing first. Our aim is to create a safe and secure environment where every child understands they have a right to feel safe.

Scouts NSW has a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse. Child Protection is our number one priority and is everyone’s responsibility.

At Scouts NSW:

  • All Leaders are thoroughly screened, undergo a NSW Police check, and must hold a valid, verified Working with Children Check.
  • Adult Leaders receive comprehensive, ongoing training across a range of subjects including leadership, WHS, and Child Protection.
  • At least one person trained in first aid attends all major events.
  • At least two adults are present at all meetings and events.
  • We will liaise with you to ensure we have the information necessary to cater for your child’s individual medical, physical and dietary requirements.

Every adult and child in Scouting in NSW must be aware of and familiar with the Scouts NSW Child Protection Policy and Procedures and understand who they can approach and the appropriate steps to take, should any form of abuse be brought to their attention.

All our volunteers give their time freely to help young people thrive. Some volunteers lead their group week in and week out. Others call in occasionally to share a specific skill or provide an extra pair of hands – whether they’re abseiling down mountains, helping a group of eight-year olds build a robot, or expertly remembering how everyone takes their tea.

At Scout NSW, all of our Leaders and volunteers are interviewed locally and asked to provide references in addition to NSW police check screening and the requirement for a valid, verified Working With Children Check. Our youth member’s safety is our priority and our screening measures are designed to reflect that.

Adult Leaders also undergo mandatory comprehensive training to ensure they have the skills to support our young people – including training modules on leadership, health and safety and child protection.

Yes. We have a Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics we expect everyone to abide by. This code is shared with all adults involved in Scouting – regardless of their role. All Leaders and volunteers agree to abide by the Scouts NSW Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics when they submit their application to become a uniformed Leader or volunteer with Scouts.

We also have social media guidelines which help everyone to understand what we expect of our members in an online environment.

Our Youth Safe Advocates (YSA) scheme provides support for youth members by providing them with a safe environment where they are aware of their rights to feel safe and can speak openly about any issues and concerns they may have.

Our trained panel of Youth Safe Advocates attend Scout activities and events across the State to promote Child Safe messaging, listen to concerns and provide support from those concerned about their own safety, or the safety of another member.

Each Youth Safe Advocate has undergone extensive online training by the Office of the Children’s Guardian, as well as training with Scouts, so they understand how to take disclosures and report them appropriately.

Everyone has the right to feel safe

If you have a concern about a child protection issue or the conduct of anyone in scouting please don’t hesitate to contact our child protection team at NSW State Office.

To make a report, use this online child protection form to contact the team directly.

Alternatively you can call 02 9735 9000 or email [email protected].

  • Parents’ Child Protection Guide
  • Scouts NSW Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Child Protection Procedure
  • Scouts Australia provides excellent materials for combating bullying for all sections and Scout Members via the Breaking the Cycle program

Why should the kids have all the fun?