Great Leaders are driven. They’re passionate. They’re hardworking. They’re energetic. They have great ideas. They have a willingness to learn from others. They’re parents searching for ways to spend quality time with their children. They’re young adults looking for new experiences and skills. They’re professionals seeking adventure. They’re retirees who want to give back to the community. ‘They’ could be YOU.

Leaders are the lifeblood of our organisation, doing their part to support thousands of children and young people to grow and develop through adventure.

Our Leaders are responsible for helping to devise and deliver programs that support young people in reaching their potential. Not only do they play a vital role in empowering young people to strive for their best as they progress through their Scouting journey, but Leaders themselves develop a variety of transferable skills, meet new people and discover adventure for themselves, all while having loads of fun.

No prior Scouting experience is necessary to become a Leader. In fact, all Leaders undergo training on all aspects of youth leadership, program planning, safety and other requirements to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support our youth members and work with other volunteers. They are also given resources of program ideas to help them get started on their Scouting career.

Depending on their role, Leaders are required to:
  • Attend Group meetings one night a week during school terms
  • Participate in a monthly Leaders meeting
  • Work with other Leaders and youth members to plan and lead Group activities, such as hiking or camping trips, which take place a few weekends during the year
  • Complete compulsory training.
Child safety in Scouts is paramount

Child safety is our number one priority at Scouts NSW. Therefore, along with training in child safety, all Leaders are thoroughly screened, undergo a Police Check and must hold a valid, verified Working With Children Check to ensure the safety of our youth members.

“Through my experience in Scouting, I’m now a much better communicator at work. Through Scouting I’ve learned a lot of organisational skills that allow me to implement projects with hundreds of kids at any one time.”

Why should the kids have all the fun?