International Opportunities

Scouting is a passport to experience the world in a way that most travellers can’t enjoy.

Scouts NSW is part of a global movement which unites 47 million people in more than 180 countries. We have a range of opportunities available for young people who want to travel overseas, gain a broader perspective on Scouting and life or get in touch with their international counterparts.

Hundreds of Scouts travel to international Scouting events each year. An international Scouting event is truly a unique experience – think of it as our version of the Olympics! You get to meet Scouts from around the world, take part in Scouting activities and visit magnificent places only others could dream of.

If travel isn’t an option just yet, you can find yourself a pen pal or host an international student. If you are keen for adventure, there are a few ways to go about it including Group Friendship or Service trips. You can also have an international experience without leaving the Scout Hall by learning about different cultures and backgrounds!