Learning and Development

Our dynamic, challenging and adventurous program gives our youth members the tools to develop into strong, resilient adults and valuable members of their local, national and international communities.

They develop a sense of optimism and strong values as well as the leadership and teamwork skills that are more valuable today than ever before.

For children and young people, Scouting is about fun and adventure, new experiences and making friends. And that’s the magic of Scouting – it helps young people to flourish, to grow in all facets of development and become better people and citizens in their communities. Here are some of the skills our children and young people learn and develop as they progress through their Scouting journey.

  • Leadership – Young people have the opportunity to guide a group of people to achieve a common goal, engendering a can-do attitude and positivity in others.
  • Motivation and Discipline – Attending regular meetings, completing training and earning badges, proactively organising an event or an activity all demonstrate our young people are conscientious.
  • Problem-solving – All Scouts learn to be creative and resourceful, using practical experiences to solve problems in a small team with diverse skills.
  • Communication skills – Scouts often have strong interpersonal abilities to be able to engage with people from different ages, backgrounds and perspectives. Being able to communicate effectively in person could be a differentiator from being able to communicate digitally.
  • Teamwork – Scouting is all about teamwork and knowing when to take the lead, encouraging everyone to participate and having fun.
  • Time-management – After a major event like a Jamboree or Venture, most young people have a better appreciation for managing their energy levels, personal resilience and prioritising what’s important.
  • Crisis management – All Scouting members learn first aid, but it’s the practical experiences that help them learn how to respond quickly and sensibly in adversity.
  • Maturity – With all the adventurous activities on offer, Scouts have the chance to test their abilities, expand their horizons and reflect on their personal growth and development.