Our exciting, modern, youth-focused program encourages young people to develop at their own pace by leading, assisting and participating in a broad range of activities and adventures designed to spark their curiosity and inspire growth.

School aged children can join their local Scout Group from the age of 5 and enjoy a journey of up to 20 years progressing through the different Sections of Scouting. Or, they can join the adventure at any point of the way!

Each Section has its own age-appropriate activities and events that give children and young people the opportunity to have fun, make new friends, learn by doing and challenge themselves to do their best.

As youth members progress through the Sections, they become more involved in making decisions and take charge of their own expeditions, using the knowledge and skills they have built over their Scouting experience.

Regardless of who they are, and whatever their physical ability, Scouts gives young people the opportunity to discover their ‘thing’ – from abseiling and camping, to diving and flying, to science and coding, to craft and performing arts, there’s an adventure out there waiting for each of our young people. And Scouts is here to help them find it.

Sounds like fun? It is. But don’t just take our word for it. Give your child the chance to experience it for themselves.

Why should the kids have all the fun?