5 Reasons Why YOU Should Join Scouts

With over 18,000 youth and adult members from various cultural and religious backgrounds and with varying abilities, Scouts NSW is one of the largest and most successful youth organisations in the state.


Here are 5 reasons why YOU should join Scouts:

Lifelong Learning 

People need to learn all through their lives. We live in a society that rewards skills and knowledge. Scouting provides a setting where the youth can learn new skills and develop habits of continual learning that will help them succeed. From Scouts history, Scouting has offered a concrete program of discovering, sharing, and applying knowledge. Learn with Scouts today.

Building Character 

Few will argue with the importance of teaching responsibility and values to the youth – not only right from wrong, but affirmative values such as courage, honour, fairness, and respect for others. Scouts’ activities are infused with character-building games that allow youth to apply abstract principles to daily environments.

Healthy & Adventurous Living 

To get the most from life, it is always nice to be both mentally and physically fit. A commitment to physical wellness has been reflected in outdoor adventurous activities including camping, swimming, hiking, climbing, lifesaving… The list goes on! According to the Scouting Effect Resilience Survey, young people participating in Scouts report to demonstrate higher levels of resilience when compared to their non-Scouting peers, and this is consistent across many elements of resilience, including positive relationships, social skills, understanding self, safe, healthy mind and body, positive learners, positive identity, positive values, and positive contribution.

Setting & Achieving Goals 

Scouts generally set many goals in all aspects of Scouting. This includes physical, intellectual, social, and emotional goals. Scouting itself has made an extraordinary contribution to improving the sustainability of our planet, promoting peace, and tackling inequality. See the Scout’s Sustainable Development Goals here. There are research-based projects for all ages to explore surroundings to understand Scouts sustainable goals.

Helping The Community 

Scouting makes a direct and positive impact on the community by teaching positive values and leadership skills to youth. Every year, Scouts and their leaders contribute thousands of volunteer hours to their local communities. Sharing time with the aged in the local community, helping with Clean Up Australia Day, Harmony Day, and planting trees to help with the Murray-Darling River Rescue are just a few examples of the commitment Scouts make to their communities.

Join Scouts today and be the best YOU can be.