Scouts is…

Scouting is Fun

Scouting is fun, and it also prepares young people for life in the adult world by teaching responsibility for their own actions and progress. These achievements lay a solid foundation for the success of our future Australian leaders. But don’t tell the kids they’re learning … they think they’re just having fun!

Scouts joining hands

Scouting is Adventurous

Each year, all sections of Scouts learn to share responsibilities and to live with each other through adventures set in the outdoors. Camping, abseiling, caving, horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing and diving are just a few of the exciting experiences that a Scout may have achieved in his or her time as a youth member.

Scouts canoeing

Scouting is Challenging

Scouts challenge their minds as well as their bodies. Not everyone looks for the outdoor buzz all the time, so Scouts have challenging activities linked with the internet and amateur radio, performance arts such as singing, dancing, and acting and awards linked to citizenship, community service and personal spiritual development.

Scouts on stage

Scouting is Inclusive

We encourage the integration of children with special needs – physical and mental disabilities or medical conditions – into regular Scout Groups. We also have many Scout Groups that have formed within existing religious or cultural communities in NSW. Scouting really is for everyone!

Scouts at Mardi Gras

Scouting is Global

There are over 28 million Scouts in 155 countries – and joining Scouts Australia NSW connects you to them all. International opportunities include joining the Jamboree of the Air (JOTA), the Jamboree of the Internet (JOTI), making a Pen-Pal, attending a World Jamboree or a World Scout Association event.

Snowy mountains with tents pitched in the forefront


Scouts is… Anything you want it to be.

Join Scouts today and experience the adventure.