What to Expect when Camping with Scouts

Your first time camping with Scouts can be a little scary, especially if you are inexperienced.

Luckily for you, you’re part of an organisation that specialises in teaching you how to camp and how to have the best experience possible while doing it.

Here’s what you can expect during an adventurous Scouts camp:


Get your survival skills on and learn how to navigate in the Australian bush using maps, compasses and land features.

Scouts learning and orienteering


Get familiar with the maze of caves with tight squeezes and crawl-throughs. With little to no natural light, caving requires extra communication skills.

Scouts caving at caves in Jindabyne


With a number of natural rock faces for you to rappel down, Groups will learn the ropes before getting their blood pumping while completing this exhilarating sport.

Scout abseiling into the water

Rock Climbing

Climb your way up to the top with trust, communication, mental and physical strength. There is nothing like defying gravity and facing fears to bind teams together.

Scouts rockclimbing


Enjoy our guided bushwalks where a Scout Leader will take you bush bashing, teach you about natural bush foods and the history of the sight.

Scouts standing next to a sign in the Snowy Mountains

Creative Night Activities

If you thrive on creative and hands on activities, you will love our night games including “The Great Egg Drop” and “The Beast”.

Scout doing activities


Campfires will get you singing, telling stories, joining in on competitions, roasting marshmallows and even cooking damper for supper. You will even get involved and learn how to build and successfully light a campfire.

Camp fire

Ecology and Environmental Education

Come on a learning journey and discover the natural world with us. We are developing educational outcomes for a variety of ages where students will be able to learn hands on about conservation and ecology in the local area and discover unique traits of Australian flora and fauna and why they are the way they are.

Scouts learning  

Camp Cooking

Want to challenge yourself even further? We can provide you the complete campfire cooking experience where you learn to cook a whole three course meal over the fire. You will make a savoury damper for entrée, sausages, and roast vegetables for main and a banana boat or baked cinnamon apple for dessert.

Camp cooking damper over fire


Our camping activities are the perfect way to add a little challenge and excitement to your time with Scouts. Building confidence and teamwork, reaching personal goals, and having a laugh are all part of the adventure! Join Scouts via JoinScouts.com.au now to have the camping experience of a lifetime.