We welcome members with physical or intellectual disabilities and are committed to delivering activities that empower them to do their best.

Our Leaders have access to training to assist in supporting and delivering Scouting to children and young people with physical or intellectual disabilities. Based on the individual needs and circumstances involved, our Leaders will work with parents and carers to provide a worthwhile and rewarding Scouting experience. In certain cases, this may involve discussing ways to tailor activities to suit a young person’s individual needs, giving them the opportunity to experience the fun and adventure Scouting has to offer.

There are various Special Needs Scout Groups in NSW that specialise in delivering activities for Scouts with disabilities. These Groups have an increased Leader to Scout ratio to ensure all youth members feel safe and supported. Our Special Needs Scout Groups include:

  • 1st Cooks Hill Scout Group in Newcastle
  • Campbelltown Ghosts Scout Group in south-western Sydney
  • 1st Cromehurst Scout Group in Ku-ring-gai, and
  • Bangor Scout Group in the Sutherland Shire.

Where possible, Scouts NSW supports the integration of young people with physical and intellectual disabilities into regular Scout Groups. This gives young people the opportunity to build strong bonds with other Scouts, work with others who have varying skills and abilities and learn mentoring and teamwork skills at a young age.


There are plenty of opportunities for children and young people with physical or intellectual abilities to get involved. The Scouts NSW Agoonoree is an annual event that brings together all Scouts, and especially those with special needs, to enjoy a wide range of activities and make new friends.

Parents’ Responsibilities

There’s nothing we want more than to know our youth members are enjoying their time in Scouts. Open communication between our Leaders and parents of a child or young person with physical and/or intellectual disabilities is key to ensuring this.

Before attending a Scout Group meeting, we advise parents to arrange a meeting with their Group Leader and Section Leader to discuss their child’s needs. This also gives the Leaders the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the child and Scouting in general.

Parents are encouraged to be part of their child’s Scouting journey. This may include providing additional assistance at activities and events when required, working with Leaders to brainstorm activities that suit their child’s needs and goals, or simply encouraging their child to try their best and be involved in activities as much as possible.

Remember – all our Leaders are all volunteers. They need your support in order to make Scouting fun for all young people in the Group!

More information

Contact our membership hotline on 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887) or [email protected] about Scouts with Special Needs.

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